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Solitaire 3D
О приложении
Жанр - Азартные игры Дата обновления - 15 Январь 2013 г.
Количество установок - 500 - 1 000 Рейтинг - 5,0
Текущая версия - 1.0.1 Цена - 4,99 €
Размер - 34M


"Best Solitaire!! Absolutely the best Solitaire in the world. Have been waiting for this to be ported across to Android. Many thanks and keep the updates coming."

This is the official "Solitaire 3D" game by GrassGames for Android devices.

Includes over 80 solitaire games, comes with built-in Phone and Tablet (HD) modes, tutorials, cross platform online scores, and much much more.

"Great app. So many different games in the full version that I never get bored. No ads, just good clean fun."

"I love this best app ever!"

"Of all the apps I have downloaded in the past year, this one gets played the most."

"This is a really terrific app, with a great variety of games. I love being able to compare scores to other players, and also to see which device they played on. Yes, it can be addictive, but it is a great way to kill time when you are waiting for someone or something."

"This is a great game, albeit a little addictive. I love this app, no matter how many others I download I end up playing this version of solitaire."

The highly popular and multi-award winning desktop and IOS computer game, Solitaire 3D, is now available for Android phones and tablets.

Enjoy over 80 different solitaire games, multiple card decks (including the unique 4 color card deck), a wide range of backgrounds, high scores, statistics, sound effects, 3D animation effects, and much more.

With emphasis on ease-of-play and smooth beautiful graphics, Solitaire 3D is the perfect solitaire partner for all.

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Что нового в Solitaire 3D

** High res graphics added
** Mute button added

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