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Gathering The Magic
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Жанр - Азартные игры Дата обновления - 4 Февраль 2013 г.
Количество установок - 1 000 - 5 000 Рейтинг - 2,5
Текущая версия - 4.4 Цена - 0,73 €
Размер - 22M


Calling all Magic The Gathering Faithfuls!!!
This awesome MTG App for Android is an absolutely must have tool for pros and beginners alike.
"Up to the second" real time card prices and purchasing made available by TCGPLAYER.com. Search for your perfect card by name, card type, or keywords, find important rulings, LARGE full color images and descriptions and even buy them! Every block, every card right here at your touch on your Android phone.
Get the entire Innistrad block for free when you download. That includes Innistrad, Dark Ascension, and Avacyn Restored. Get all 3 free and then add your favorite sets or add them all! Get it now and crush your opponents, pass and be left in the dust!
Newly updated with convenience changes to help make this app stand apart from the rest.
Updates coming soon with deck wish lists, deck stats, combo lists, pro lists, and snap a photo to find a card.

Newly updated with Card prices and purchasing!

Just touch the $ to refresh the "up to the second" real time card price ( If you see ??? instead of a price you should check your internet connection and try again).
Add the card to your shopping list and when you are ready to check out go to the shopping cart.

All card purchases are direct from TCGPLAYER.com. When ready to check out the shopping cart will take you directly to their site to complete your transaction. Please contact them directly for customer service, questions and/or comments concerning card purchases. SCTech and Gathering the Magic are not responsible for transactions or customer service in this regard. We offer the ability to connect player to distributor with ease.

View cards! View Rulings! View Prices! Search for the perfect card and add it to your shopping list!
Checkout is super easy and in no time you will have that perfect card to complete your deck and stomp your opponents!

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All Magic keywords, glossary and slang terms are now highlighted in card text with full definitions available at your fingertips!
Return To Ravnica Now Available!!
Every card now has it's average listing price (made available by TCGPlayer.com) in real time.

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