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7's & BAR Vegas Slot Machine
О приложении
Жанр - Азартные игры Дата обновления - 2 Февраль 2012 г.
Количество установок - 500 - 1 000 Рейтинг - 3,3
Текущая версия - 2.0 Цена - 2,41 €
Размер - 2,6M


7's & BAR is a brand new 5 reel Vegas Style Slot Machine. It offers multiple ways to wager, whilst at the same time providing various interactive features. The game is designed around a Modern theme. We have created a visually appealing slot, with various animations that donít over-complicate or interfere with game play.

-Vegas Style 5 Reel Slot Machine
-9 Paylines
-Modern 777 BAR Theme
-3D Rendered Coin Shower
-3D Rendered Graphics
-Bonus Round
-Multiple spin,Bonus,Win sounds
-Smooth Play
-Great Graphics

Getting started on 7's & BAR:

The paytable is located on the upper right hand side and should be referred to before playing, all buttons and game options are located at the bottom and sides of the slot. You can select from 1 to 9 lines by pressing the numbers on the sides of the screen. Each line has a wager that is user selectable and ranges from $1 to $10 allowing the user to wager from $1 to $90 on a single spin. Pressing the "BET MAX" button plays all 9 lines at the maximum wager for a total wager of $90. Get at least 3 BONUS ICONS on a payline to enter the BONUS round.

We hope you enjoy our slot machine.

NOTE: This slot machine is not associated with any real casino and was made ONLY for fun. All money amounts shown are FUN money.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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